Persea is a NFT Marketplace platform

It’s come with a creative design, home page options, different explore and digital asset pages and items

  • SaaS application that allows you to create, sell, auction, exchange NFTs under your own label
  • Configure it with your organization’s official image and colors
  • Enterprise support
  • Application extensible with ReactJS
  • API Integration.
  • Installed in several datacenters with CDNS support
  • Integration with OpenSea and other NFT markets

Design new business opportunities with NFTs

NFTs are used to sell digital art creations and are best used to prove ownership of digital art, music files, and video games. Anything can be sold as NFTs and create new business opportunities

Your content in decentralized digital markets

Brands, creators, entrepreneurs, can creatively use NFTs to bring true value and utility to their customers beyond the simple ownership and transfer of unique digital assets

Simple Interaction Experience

Intuitive User Interface, user-friendly UI without having to get lost, confused, guessing, experimenting, reading a manual book

Adaptable to your needs


Our NFT platform performs a process by which a real-world, tangible or intangible asset is converted into a token on a blockchain


Web 3.0 portal of NFTs for your company

Ready-to-use innovation with your own brand

Web platform that offers decentralized services to companies, collectors and artists, for the creation, sale, auction, transfer of NFTs in a private and public blockchain environment

Blockchain and NFT technology to advance your Business

For example, you can use or NFT licensing module as Blockchain enable mechanism for software licenses

Live demos

Artcrypted. First Curated NFT Art Marketplace on Avalanche Blockchain, where artists will be able to create, buy, sell and collect his digital artworks. His goal is to empower the creative community.

Live demo

NFTmiseleccionmx is a web3 platform developed on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. The 100 NFTs are jerseys that you can dress up your avatar in Decentraland metaverse.

Live demo

CHIVAS NFTs: We created for the Chivas soccer team, running on Avalanche blockchain technology, the first NFT portal for one of the most established soccer teams in Mexico.

Live demo

Start to build your own NFT platform

Build an NFT platform without a technical skills. Easy to install and configure, we can adapt to your specific needs

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